General-Use Size 3 Finishing Whetstone Shiramine 6003


A long-selling finishing whetstone known for ease of use.

For sharpening wood carving implements, planes, and kitchen knives and the like.
The Medium Size 3 is designed for home use, easy to handle, and comes with a stand with rubber legs. Because this whetstone was fired at high temperature, its quality will not change at ordinary temperatures. Please use it with peace of mind whenever, wherever. Includes a Nagura for adjusting.

Shiramine 6003

  • Product No. Shiramine 6003
  • Finishing Whetstone Size 3 (snow-white) #6000
  • Whetstone Size 183×63×20mm
  • Package Size 232×83×40mm
  • Appr. 580g
  • Includes a Nagura for adjusting
  • Q’ty/carton 20 pieces
  • Value Price \ 4,200 yen (excl. VAT)
  • JAN Code 4966684019003