Sharpener Replacement Roller #1000 Diamond/Ceramic TKC-1330


Replacement roller for Suehiro Sharpener Series. Standard equipment on the STS Series, KC-130, 200, and 201. The #1000 Diamond/Ceramic Roller with diamond grain is suitable for ceramic knives, etc. Mainly used for single-edged blades but can also be used for double-edge ones.


※Suehiro rollers are compatible with all sharpeners. The roller’s granularity does not affect its compatibility.


  • Product No. TKC-1330
  • Sharpener Replacement Roller #1000 Diamond/Ceramic
  • Whetstone size: width approx. 30 mm × roller diameter Φ20
  • Appr. 15g
  • Value Price \ 1,650yen (excl. VAT)
  • JAN Code 4966684062443