About Us

Greeting from Our Director

Nowadays, we often hear people say “I can’t sharpen a knife.” or “I would buy a new one if the knife becomes dull.” Also, cooking methods are becoming easier and only require minimum cooking tools. It is reflected in the good sales of simple sharpeners. Even if people want to cook with a very sharp knife, they might think that sharpening a knife with a whetstone is complicated and difficult, or even scared of handling knives. However, to whet knives is neither difficult nor dangerous. If you have one versatile whetstone at home, you can whet not only cooking knives but also various kinds of knives and blades you have. Even from the perspective of cherishing what you use, we’d highly recommend using whetstones.
“Cutting” is necessary for our daily lives. Suehiro Corporation always try to produce versatile products, which can be used by everyone from expert users to homemakers. Above all, we make our best effort to deliver the quality products, which can be used by our customers safely.

Yoshio Okumura, Representative Director

Company Profile

  • Suehiro Corporation … 3-3-4, Yutaka, Higashi-Ku, Niigata City, Niigata, Japan
  • Foundation (Capital) … 1 April 1967 (50 million as of April 2010)
  • Contact Numbers … TEL 025-273-4374 FAX 025-273-4355
  • Members of the Board … Representative Director: Yoshio Okumura, Senior Managing Director: Jun Okumura
  • Employees … 18 (as of April 2010)
  • Business Description … Production and distribution of synthetic whetstones and other whetting products
  • Trademarks … Suehiro, Koseki, Toyo, CERAX, SPLEX, DEBADO, Gokumyo, DUAL STONE
  • Main Bank … Daishi Bank, Ogata Branch


  • In 1967, Okumura Whetstone Industry Limited Company (Kenkichi Okumura, the initial Representative Director) was established. Sales of synthetic whetstones were started under the trademark of “Suehiro”.
  • In 1976, Kenkichi passed away at the age of 65 on 19 June. Accordingly, Yoshio Okumura succeeded the position of Representative Director.
  • In 1984, Suehiro Corporation (Yoshio Okumura, the Representative Director) was established in June as the sales department of Okumura Whetstone Industry Limited Company.
  • In 2010, the production department of Okumura Whetstone Industry Limited Company was merged with Suehiro Corporation in February.