Finishing Whetstone Ouka 3000-DN (stand not included)

A finishing whetstone known for its durability, reliability, and customer satisfaction. (This type does not include a stand.)

The yellow #3000 is a Size 1 Finishing Whetstone with smooth sharpening properties and has enjoyed many years of popularity. While designed for professionals who demand finishing that is in a class by itself, ordinary users as well are encouraged to try this whetstone. Includes a Nagura for adjusting.

Ouka 3000-DN

  • Product No. Ouka 3000-DN
  • Size 1 Finishing Whetstone (yellow) #3000
  • Whetstone Size 206×73×23mm
  • Package Size 230×86×33mm
  • Appr. 630g
  • Includes a Nagura for adjusting
  • Q’ty/carton 20 pieces
  • Value Price \ 4,500 yen (excl. VAT)
  • JAN Code 4966684018068

For this product, we no longer print the label directly on the surface of the stone.
It now comes with a label made of cellophane film.