Sharpening Plate SKG-30


For the Kitchen, a Two-Sided Whetstone, Angled- plate Type
[includes a stand for catching water]
Sharpens quickly when your knife no longer cuts.
Sharpens easily! Doesn’t make a mess!

How to use sharpening plate

Sharpening that’s quick and easy when your knife no longer cuts. Conceived as a way to sharpen freely rather than in a fixed pattern. With the whetstone held at a certain angle, sharpen by rubbing lightly with one hand. With the water collected, the area around the workspace doesn’t get dirty.
Circular Whetstone [diameter 100 × height 15mm]/ Square Whetstone [100/ side × height 15mm]


  • Product No. SKG-30
  • Two-Sided Whetstone Blue #1000/Orange #280
  • Includes a stand for catching water
  • Whetstone size 100×73×25mm
  • Package Size 200×148×38mm
  • Appr. 420g
  • Q’ty/carton 20 pieces
  • Value Price \ 3,000 yen (excl. VAT)
  • JAN Code 4966684061842