Sharpening Plate SKG-39


Circular Plate-type Medium Whetstone for Kitchen
Sharpens quickly when your knife no longer cuts.
Sharpens easily!

How to use sharpening plate

Sharpening that’s quick and easy when your knife no longer cuts. Conceived as a way to sharpen freely rather than in a fixed pattern. With the whetstone held at a certain angle, sharpen by rubbing lightly with one hand.
Circular Whetstone [diameter 100 × height 15mm]/ Square Whetstone [100/ side × height 15mm]
*This product does not include a tray for catching water.


  • Product No. SKG-39
  • Medium Whetstone grit #280
  • Whetstone Size Φ100×H15mm
  • Package Size 127×105×20mm
  • Appr. 260g
  • Q’ty/carton 20 pieces
  • Value Price \ 1,200 yen (excl. VAT)
  • JAN Code 4966684062610