HW5G DADA Diamond Whetstone for Surface Restoration #150 / #500


2020 NEW

Ideal for surface restoration of non-absorbent, hard whetstones.

Double-sided diamond surface whetstone for surface restoration #150 / #500
Double-sided electrodeposited diamond whetstone for surface restoration. Strong diamond surface restores dented whetstone surface immediately.
Quick surface restoration for coarse and fine finishing whetstones, even hard ones such as non-absorbent Gokumyo, Kouseki, DEBADO series or ones that easily get clogged. Use the coarse #150 Diamond side to flatten the whetstone surface quickly. Then, polish with the #500 Diamond side to get an ideal whetstone surface instantly.
The plastic storage case (intellectual property right registered) can be used as a holder.

  • This product can be used for polishing super hard blades by applying oil to the whetstone.
  • Patterns of electrodeposited diamond on the whetstone surface may vary from the picture shown, with no difference in function or performance.


#150 Diamond side
HW5G DADA #150

#500 Diamond side
HW5H DADA #500


Apply water to the whetstone while sharpening.

How to change sides #150 and #500

Please use the attached opener to switch the #150 and #500 sides of the body plate.

Slide and detach the opener from the side of the case.

Insert the opener between the white body plate and the clear holder case and lever up. Turn over the body plate and attach to the case.

Intellectual property right registered

Diamond Whetstone for Surface Restoration HW5G-DADA

  • Product No. HW5G-DADA
  • Coarse to fine finish, case included, Diamond #150/ Diamond #500
  • Whetstone Surface approx. 150×50mm
  • Product Size approx. 171×73×51mm
  • Approx. 350g
  • Qty/carton 12
  • Value price ¥4,500 (excl. VAT)
  • JAN Code 4966684022706

*Please note that we may change materials and colors without prior notice due to improvements and material cost fluctuations, etc.