Knife Strop & Polishing Kit (Short) KSW-310

KSW-310 革砥+青棒研磨材

2019 NEW

For those who seek the finest long-lasting sharpness, please use this product for finishing.

With sticky stainless steel knives and the like, even finishing whetstones cannot smoothen the very small rough edges on the blade. This is where the knife strop shows its true value. By polishing the edge of the blade against this leather strap, you will be able to cleanly take off the burrs (the small ridges) and bring back its luster. To use it, spread the green stick (abrasive) on the back side of the leather and sharpen, before finishing with the front side. For those who want the finest long-lasting sharpness, this is an excellent tool for finishing.

The white lines on the edge of the blade are burrs (rough edges)
A deburred blade
A deburred blade


Knife Strop & Polishing Kit

  • Product No. KSW-310
  • Contents: knife strop, green stick
  • Knife Strop Size: approx. 310 x 45 x 18mm (surface for grinding approx. 170 x 45mm)
  • Green Stick Size: approx. 68 x 38 x 15mm
  • Package Size 310 x 50 x 40mm
  • Q’ty/carton 10 pieces
  • Value Price \ 3,500yen (excl. VAT)
  • JAN Code 4966684063365

*Please note that we may change materials and colors without prior notice due to improvements and material cost fluctuations, etc.

Preparations Before Use

Rub the abrasive(green stick) on the back side of the leather.

Using the Knife Strop

The procedure is the same as using a whetstone for deburring.
As in the image below, polish the blade edge gently against the strop.

❶ With the spine of the blade facing you, rub the blade on the strop towards you.
ご使用方法-1 刃先を革砥の裏面に当て手前に引く
❷ Once you have pulled the blade all the way towards you, now with the sharp edge facing you, push the blade towards the other end.
ご使用方法-2 刃先を革砥の裏面に当て手前から押し出す
Repeat steps ❶ – ❷, polishing the knife evenly from the point to the heel.

You can use the front side of the strop for the last finish.
ご使用方法-3 刃先を革砥の表面に当て手前に引く
Repeat steps ❶ – ❷ several times with light force to finish.
ご使用方法-4 刃先を革砥の表面に当て手前から押し出す